Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joses story part 2

So then Jose runs to the wagon and he takes the gold and rides all the way back to his house. and when he gets there he has a little surprise waiting for him apparently Jesse puled the same trick that he did! He used the same rope to! so Jesse comes out right before he gets to the town! so he jumps onto the wagon! So the wagon is still moving and there having a duel on it Whale it is still moving so Jose pulls out his gun and Jesse shoots it out of his hand and it goes flying onto the seat and before he has a Chance to reach it Jesse shoots him in the foot and yells " Its pay back time and shoots for his hart and missed so he shoots again and notices he is out of ammo so he pulls out his fist and starts to hit him in the face but by then they are at a river and Jesse ties Jose to the wagon and jumps of by that time Jose is trying to cut the rope but he can not so he cuts of his leg in order to get out of the wagon so then he falls into the river and willy comes over and said "Well at least he died a hero" and Jose swims up and said I am not dead I just had to cut of my leg but then Jesse walks out and grabs Willy and said "You will be my slave from now on" but Jose said "Not today and not ever and he pulls out his gun shoots his hand and then Jesse runs away Screaming and then Jose said well lets try not to get into any thing like that again and Willy Said "Come on lets go get some root beer with Ice cream in it and all fix your leg!
And that is the ordinary man that I was talking about
The End

Friday, November 27, 2009

The story of Jose

Once there was a man he thought he was ordinary until one day.

Mid west
1895 June 5th

“Howdy partners I’m new in town my name is Jose Dellgato I am great at shooting do you want to play shoot the barrel.” said Jose. “Ok how do you play that?” Willy the kid said. “Well first you are a yard away from the barrel and each time you shoot it you take a step farther away from the barrel” Jose said So they played and played and played until Willy missed the barrel but right then some one came in to town firing guns in the air. Willy said “Get down that is Jessie Jones he is the meanest bandit to ever set foot on the soil of the earth and I here he has a peg leg I here a snake tried to bite him but the snakes jaw broke when the snake bit him look I drew a picture of it. (Drawn picture of snakes jaw broken after biting mans peg leg.) Ok back to what he dose any way he comes once a week to steel all the gold from are town. “Well has any one ever stood up to him?” “Yes but no one has ever survived the duel. Oh no I forgot I must get to my mom right now!” “Why?” “Because When he comes any one with out any children with them he kills! So if we don’t do something are parents are about to be killed!” Try to shoot him Jose! Peew! Dang I missed him. Jose look out! Peew! Uh!

The next bay

Hu Where am I? all I remember was being shot and That is it. Well you where right But after that you blacked out and you were bleeding so much I thought you were going to die so I brought you back hear so we could patch you up. Are our parents die dead ? Yes but since they are you can live with me now! Oh ok. What is the madder don’t you want to live with me? Well yeah it is just that my parents just died so I am kind of sad. Oh well I am sad to but there is nothing we can do. Yes there rely can. Well then what can we do. Well I need to train there is no time to talk I need a rope and your wagon. What. No time we got to go! So for the next week they trained and trained and trained until they could not train any more.

1 week later

It is time Jose wake up it is time to avenge our parents. Ok lets do this so lets go over our plan one more time you put on the bullet proof vest and distract him wale I Climb under the his wagon and hook up are ropes and then when he goes in to steel the gold we sneak under the wagon and we will follow him home and shoot him and get the gold back. Ok check list 1st guns check 2nd ropes check 3rd bullet proof vest check. Ok let’s do this. Here he comes. Jesse Ill bet that you can’t get me ha. Ok its go time Jose run Jose run I am going to make it. Yes I made it ok come on Willy! Oh no Willy hurry your not going to make it he is leaving just go Jose avenge our parents and then come back with our parents avenged and the gold. Ok Willy I will I promise I will if it is the last thing I do. So he followed Jesse Jonse back to his hide out and when Jesse went inside he came out and he waited until he could not see him and then he ran into the hide out and found a good hiding spot where no one would see him and he waited and waited and waited until he Jesse finally walked by and then he jumped out and shot at Jesse. But he missed and shot a barrel of un powder witch lit on fire and blew up so they both ran out side and said to each other “lets have a duel and who ever gets shot loses and gets to be shot no mater what. We each turn our back and walk 30 paces each and then we turnaround and shoot. And so they dueled and first person to get shot was Jose. But he did not die but they told each other that if one was to get shot and not die then they could kill the one who was shot but Jesse said “I am feeling generous to day so I am going to give you two riddles if you answer them both correctly then you can live this is the first riddle so there is a old grandma and she goes to bye some groceries when she walks out of the store she notices there is some teenagers in her car so she goes to her car and pulls out a gun and threatens them that if they don’t get out of her car she will shoot and so they run and after she sits down she notices that it is not her car so she finds her car and drives it to the police station and she said that she thought it was her car and the officer starts laughing why? “Because he pointed to three teens that were dicriribing how an old woman stole there car.” Ok you got that one right but you will never get this one right so there is a farmer he has 20sick sheep 9 die how many sheep dose he have left? “11.” How did you know that? I guess I am just good at riddles. Arggggggggggggg that is it I am going to kill you any way! So Jose sticks his finger in the barrel of the gun and the gun blows up in Jesses face and he now has some pretty bad scars on his face.

Come to my blog on saturday and I will finish the story!

the pyco alian story part 4

So get this after I ran that cheep skate apparently has Gard's every were! So I run out and cast a Little spell I like to call avataenchalata and they all turn into enchiladas and then I took one bite and ran! to find my family then Right then and there is medinight about to suck the brains out of my in tire family! So I find the main power switch flip it and every one of my family members are free. But then medinight screams. No I kneed brains! I must have them quick or I will blow up! At that point we where ruining for our lives! So right before we get out the door starts to close so I tell them to run as fast as they can! But Spee turns around and runs back and runs as fast as he can and pushes every one out of the ship and right then the ship blows up! And that is how I got the nickname of Justinman!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the psycho alien story Part3

so can you take the heat of part 3!You can!well we will See about that!Muuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaa.So I Justin man am standing there as I See aliens go in and out. And then Meta Knight (the head alien) walks out. And he said "Justin man will never find his family or at least not before their brains are sucked out!" And I pulled out my wand, wait did I tell you I am magic, well now you know. Back to the story. I say "oblivion" but he is too good. He blocked it and said "ha!" And then he says "guards capture him." They try to capture me but I ran as fast as I can!

tune in next time to See if Justin man ever gets his family out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

the psycho alien story Part2

OK so ready for Part 2 well here it is!
I said to the alien "so i've caught you!" I would have said I knew it all along but I did not know it all along. So I knocked out the alien! And then I noticed a beeping device on it, so I took it and looked at it. It must be some sort of tracker so I went to the coordinates and it went straight to the ship!

Tune in next time to See if he goes in the ship!

the psycho alien story Part1

OK are you ready for some action I thought so, so hear it is! So one day I'm at scouts I come home and every one is gone.I say hello is any one home. No answer so I go in to the other room and call my mom on her cellphone she had left it home. And I thought something weird must be going on cause my mom never leaves her cellphone home. So I called my dad . He left his cellphone home too. Now I know their is something wrong. But then I saw something move out of my eye I turned. It was a alien!

Tune in next time to See if Justin man finds his family

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here I am

Hi I'm Justin Man and this is a new blog called Justin's stories. As you can probably tell I am new here. If you cant tell, surprise I'm new at this, so now I'm writing about me but tomorrow I'm gonna write amazing, crazy stories.